The HIIP℠ program is not appropriate for individuals in the following categories: - Uncontrolled Anxiety Disorder or Panic Disorder - Under the age of 18 years - Pregnant - Breastfeeding - Attempting to Become Pregnant - Insulin-Dependent Diabetics - Have Active Cancer - Have Un-removed Gall Stones - Have Un-removed Kidney Stones - Have Any Liver Disease - Have Any Kidney Disease - Have Had Gout and Are Unwilling to Risk Further Attack - Have Uncontrolled Thyroid Disease - Have G6PD/G6PDH Deficiency (Glucose 6 Phosphate Dehydrogenase Deficiency) or Favism - Have had major surgery within the past 2 months - Are planning to have surgery during or immediately following the program period (90-120 days) - Have had significant cardiovascular disease and do not have prior written approval to participate in a low calorie diet program from their personal physician - Are Unable to Swallow Pills - Are Unwilling to Refrain from the following during the program: o Alcohol consumption o Processed carbohydrate and sugar consumption o Heavy or intense exercise I confirm that I do not have any of the conditions listed above and am willing to comply fully with the program requirements. I understand that proceeding with the HIIP℠ program when suffering from the listed conditions or when unwilling to comply with program requirements could lead to serious negative health consequences, the inability to commence or complete the program, or a failure to achieve desired results. I further understand that it is my responsibility to check with my personal primary care physician before beginning any weight loss program, and that HIIP℠ and its staff do not act in the capacity of my personal physician and cannot evaluate my personal medical condition, and as such are not liable for the medical risks that I may undertake by participating in the HIIP℠ program. Member acknowledges that HIIP℠ is designed to assist in achieving a healthy body weight and composition, and that HIIP℠ is not to be used a means of lowering body fat or body weight to an unhealthy level, which is generally considered to be a BMI of less than 18.5. Without regard to current body weight, members with a history of diagnosed or undiagnosed eating disorders agree that they have discussed their diet plans with their primary care physician prior to commencing HIIP℠, and have relied upon the advice of their physician in proceeding.